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cold cold cold cold cold

It’s COLD! Today I took Grandma’s car to the garage and then walked to a place where I’d get my hair cut, and boy – I had to turn my face away from the direction I was walking in because the wind was just too painful. I’m sure some people wondered what such-and-such a fellow was doing walking up the street to the hairdresser’s with his head turned 90° so that his hood could deflect the wind. At the hairdressers – this was a three-minute walk – I spent five minutes wiggling my toes so that they’d thaw out.

I thought cross-country skiing the other night was cold, but that was nothing. It’s -19°C today (with an afternoon high of -18°), and with the windchill the radio says it’s an extreme -38°. It’s cold no matter how you slice it. Of course, one of my former co-workers is teaching in Buffalo Narrows, and he reports a temperature of -40°, -46° with windchill. So at least it’s not very windy!

But wow, I’ve never been so cold since the time I lived in Grande Prairie. But the only thing Grand Prairie and Buffalo Narrows have in common is latitude. Grande Prairie is a northern bastion of civilization, with real malls, all the big box stores you could name, lots of people, lots of bars, and even a nifty bus service. It still gets cold, but there are things to do and people to see and somehow you get through it. Or at least I’m guessing this – I left town with the other kids in my program at the end of November!

This is what the heating situation is like here:

Grandma, in Albion Cross: “It’s just like Florida out here! The sun is shining…” Well, as long as you stay indoors, yes. =)

Joy: Tomorrow there'll be a high of -20°C, and Saturday they're predicting -23°. Ack.
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