William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

A Forced Becalment

Now I'm going to try to force myself to express my indignations using classier words that are more than four letters long. Style matters.

Here's a link I wanted to share in the previous post but couldn't, as it would have made it seem like the linkee might somehow condone or endorse my mini-explosion:

"Coward" - Garth Turner, garth.ca

Former Halton MP Garth Turner paints a scary picture of what's happening. I'll add this: Let's say he's right, and there's an election called right off the bat. The Conservatives would probably love to do this - their main opposition party will be leaderless. Boy, if you thought this past Liberal campaign was a disaster, this one would put them into Campbell territory - imagine Ignatieff, Rae, and LeBlanc campaigning simultaneously. People - to a fault, I often think - put so much stock into stability and certainty that they'll just shrug their shoulders and give Harper a majority.

I admit that I'm biased against Harper, but wouldn't you be biased against a Prime Minister who lies to us again and again and again? He just keeps broadcasting his lies and hoping that they stick. Usually they do, because a critical mass of people aren't as well-informed or as adept at critical thinking (yet!) as they ought to be.

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