William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson


GAH! I'm just about ready to throw something heavy through something fragile! I'm just so... teed off!

It's sinking in to me that we have an incompetent bunch of clowns in Ottawa cowering under a narcissistic, lying son of a snake. This isn't a very nice thing to say. I'm not feeling very nice right now.

And right now some zarking ball players are thumping and pounding in an adjacent room - I have no clue why, and it wouldn't be a problem if the walls weren't so goddamned thin here. It's a good thing I'm on my self-imposed Japan and work-related blogging embargo, or I'd let rip like a... balloon that a pelican intercepted and collided with? The conflagration would burn mostly me.

I'm really ticked at Her Excellency and frankly disgusted that we now have a precedent that allows a sitting Prime Minister to just avoid Parliament whenever things aren't going his or her way. What the fuck IS that? As if we needed to concentrate even MORE power in the Prime Minister's office?! Man, I'm going to get a stomach ulcer from this if I don't chill out.

I just can't take any more of this hypocrisy. I'm knee-deep in it at work - I don't need flarging more of it in my home nargging country.

I'm teed at the Liberals, too - what in the name of [you pick this one] were they doing in 2006? They had no business waiting an entire year to "reinvent themselves." What a bunch of nonsense! It's the goddamn leader's job to do that! Elect a goddamn leader! DO IT TODAY! GET A NEW LEADER NOW!! Fuck waiting until May. That's like striking when the iron has been chucked out the airlock and been allowed to cool to nearly absolute zero.

Now we're going to be stuck with the Cons for years because of these morons! I'm just... frickin... SICK of this CRAP! You think YOU feel underrepresented? My party doesn't EXIST anymore! Well, I guess there are the Greens, if you can call them a party...

Tags: politics, rants, unprofessionalism

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