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Election '08: The Embargoed Reporters Surface

There was a whole whack of behind-the-scenes stuff that went on in the US Election that we're only just now becoming privy to. This is normal with any election - you don't usually get the secrets until days after the election is over.

Palin in 2012? Think again. She wouldn't have passed Grade Three geography - Fox News reports that she perceived Africa as a single country (no, it looks like we were all duped on that one) and that she couldn't name the countries in NAFTA. Any Democrat (or, well, anyone) could wipe the floor with her. She didn't help her own cause - she refused preparation for the now-infamous Couric interview. They'd be better off nominating Joe Lieberman. That was a joke - in seriousness, they could try to force constitutional change and get Schwarzenegger on the ticket. I mean, if Bush thought he could change the constitution overnight to "protect marriage..."

I think what may happen is that sensible Republicans will take back control of their party and give Palin and the evangelicals the heave-ho. I see them staying together and starting their own party, kind of like the Prohibition Party, but with oomph. They'll be able to go all-out and do and say whatever they want, and like the Prohibition Party, they'll never get elected. Palin may well be a presidential candidate in 2012 - I just doubt it will be with the Republicans.

Newsweek has a raft of goodies, including:

- An unknown or undisclosed "foreign entity" hacked into both campaigns' computer systems.
- Palin's shopping spree at high-end department stores was more extensive than previously reported. Furthermore, she shuttled some of the spending to low-level staffers to try and keep it under wraps, but the McCain people found out when those staffers sought reimbursement. One aide says she spent about $20-$40K on clothes for her husband.
- McCain set firm boundaries for his campaign - among the prohibitions was attacking Obama for not serving in the military.

Increasingly McCain is seeming like a rose among thorns. It's too bad that he wasn't allowed more of a free reign in his campaign. Were it not for his gang that couldn't shoot straight, he would have defaulted into the presidency. (Everyone's talking about how poor economic times favour the Democrats, but I don't think that's even close to the whole story.)

There'll be a lot more to come.
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