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Live Blogging the US Election from a Private School in Tokushima

Yes, it's Election Central today here at willmatheson.com! (All times Japan Time.)

After first period, 9:20am: Obama 3 (Vermont), McCain 8 (Kentucky)

Lunchtime, 12:40pm: Obama 207, McCain 135

Virginia is going for Obama (albeit barely). California (and its boatload of 55 electoral votes) has yet to report.

All the pundits said that if Virginia went for Obama, it would be a quick night - let's see if they're right!

1:00pm - CNN has projected that Obama will be the next President of the United States. They did it the instant the polls closed in the states of California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. They've been safely polling for Obama. Together they add up to 77 electoral votes. 207 + 77 = 284, and now they're showing 297.

The election is over, but the stories will continue.

1:30pm - I'm back at work and had better get back to work, but McCain was giving a gracious and inspiring concession speech when I left my apartment. When people booed Obama's name at the outset, he waved them down. Good.

8:00pm - While Obama's victory eclipses most of the other news, some of the controversial ballot positions are on their way to passing, including gay marriage bans in Arizona, California, and Florida. Of course marriage isn't the greatest institution, but the opportunity to get into shitty marriages should not be limited to straight people. The same goes for adoption, although it enjoys a slightly better reputation - gay couples in Arkansas (all six of them in Little Rock) will be banned from adopting children. Perhaps people ought to read The Kid. I haven't yet, but I imagine it would put an actual human story out to combat the perception of "Oh my God... Gays? And CHILDREN?"

On the bright side Michigan is "allowing" medical marijuana and stem cell research, which is about the same to me as "permitting" literacy and free speech, but anyway. Washington is also "allowing" euthanasia.

Nebraska is ending affirmative action. We'll be charitable and assume that this is passing because it's no longer needed.

The abortion-related propositions are all currently leaning negative, for which all young women in those states (California, Colorado, South Dakota) should be thankful. We don't need government, and we certainly don't need it inside our bodies*. Thank you.

* - This is one of those slogans that is better championed by women. =)

Diversions (all Onion so far...):

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