William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Election '08: Reverse-reverse-racism

In the majority-white suburb of Arlington, Va., last month, residents with Obama signs in their yards received an anonymous letter that also asked them to question the motives behind their support:

"Racism comes in many forms, and there is a significant possibility that your sponsorship of Sen. Obama is really an obsessive compulsion to prove to yourself, and to others, that you are not a racist," the letter stated, according to the Washington Independent news website. "Have you looked within yourself and examined your motives?"

-- For some white voters, Obama's race is seen as a 'bonus' - Richard Fausett, Los Angeles Times

The author of that letter has merely proven that he himself is a racist, as he can't fathom the idea of people supporting or not supporting Obama for any reason but race. The thought that most of the neighbourhood is supporting Obama because they like him could not have been bred in his mind.

Didn't go camping. Stayed home and ended up getting sick with a cold instead. Good thing I didn't go; I would have been a miserable, empained crank.
Tags: elections, news, obama, race, racism, united states of america

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