William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Election-related Links and Stuff

Obama Is Dominating in the Polls, but Four Things Keep Me Awake at Night (Mitchell Bard, Huffington Post) - A lifelong Democrat can't bring himself to believe that Obama will win on Tuesday. (Not that anyone should - as McCain said (and I've lost that video link), it's best to wait until the voters have had their say. =) But it's an open question whether all voters can have their say, what with despicable shysters in Virginia circulating an official-looking flyer telling Democrats to vote on November 5th, not to mention that a

Confusing North Carolina Ballot Leaves off Votes for President (Diane Tucker, Huffington Post)- In North Carolina in 2004, more than 90,000 did not cast a vote for president. North Carolina is one of those funny states where a straight-ticket party vote does not include the presidency. Make no mistake, this year's election could still be a mess.

McCain's (Long) Road to Electoral Win (Nate Silver, New York Post) - This is a smart strategy for McCain that doesn't include his fantasy of winning Pennsylvania. Of course, he's now robocalling in his home state, so maybe all this is a moot point.

Obama Addresses Crowd in Downpour; McCain Cancels (Marlene H. Phillips, Huffington Post) - This is great just for this quote, referring to VP candidate Sarah Palin: "$150,000 for clothes and they apparently didn't buy her a raincoat."
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