William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Social Studies Activity: Canadian Maritime Provinces

I found this Word document left open by a coworker and decided, in a fit of inspiration, to fill it out myself and save the copy in a new file.


1) What is the capital of Nova Scotia?

2) What is the capital of New Brunswick?
Something about Fred and Eric being big fat tubs of lard

3) What is the capital of Prince Edward Island?
Tater Town

4) Which province has the Worlds Longest Covered Bridge?
New Brunswick, but you can’t drive on it anymore

5) List 2 towns in

A) Nova Scotia
Sid’s Knee

B) Prince Edward Island
Tater Town
[end of list]

C) New Brunswick
Street John’s
Moncton, but it’s only a shopping mall

6) Which town has a big Town Clock?
Halifog has one but tourists still ask what time the noon gun goes off

7) What is the name of the big sailing ship?
Bluenose, named after the ship that’s on the dime

8) What Bay is between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick?
The Bay of Federal Funding

9) Which province is an island?
Cape Breton

10) What instrument is the man next to the apple tree playing?

11) Where is the house of Anne of Green Gables?
At the tourist information center in Tokyo

12) How far away is L.A.?
Too far to hitchhike

13) What is the big animal at the top of New Brunswick?
An angry Quebecer
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