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Obama, Zima, Peanuts

I heard Zima was being yanked, so I bought some tonight. I hadn't tried it before. It's OK. It's got a cool name and was a part of popular culture for a while (the item on this list that gets my attention was its mention on Babylon 5). [The problem with Babylon 5 is that it's so good that it spoiled my appetite for just about anything else on TV. These days I only bother to watch sports and news, which are the only things that need to be watched live.]

Now I'm trying a Smirnoff Ice, which is quite different here (and in the US) - it's a malt beverage (like Zima), not a vodka mix. It's got a "thicker" taste, and it's kind of like a weak chu-hi.

I was eating some peanuts today, and I was eating them in their shells. Unfortunately, the last one I popped in my mouth was kind of dirty, and it kind of left a filthy taste. Anyway, the shells are a good source of salt and fiber I suppose. =)

Finally, Obama aired his 27-minute ad this morning on three of the four major broadcast networks. It's uplifting and inspiring, if melodramatic. I almost would have preferred a straight-up 30-minute speech, and that was what I was kind of expecting - something like a Presidential address. (They did cut the closing of a rally in Florida [play the second video on that page] at the end of it, though.) In other news, the Phillies won the World Series. That's too bad, because I was hoping for weekend morning baseball, but it actually is OK because I may be going camping with the gang instead. No writing for me I guess!


1. In The Know: Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized? (The Onion - Video)

2. McCain Pollster: "Too Close to Call" (CQ Politics) - Putting the poll numbers aside, it's amazing how much McCain's crew hold their own supporters in contempt:

The race has moved significantly over the past week, closing to essentially tied on the last two-day roll. These gains are coming from sub-groups it should be possible to sustain over the next week, including:

- Non-college men;

- Rural voters, both men and women;

- Right-to-life voters; and most encouragingly;

- We are beginning to once again get over a 20% chunk of the vote among soft Democrats.

Importantly as well, our long identified target of "Walmart women" - those women without a college degree in households under $60,000 a year in income are also swinging back solidly in our direction.

Wow, the poor and un/under-educated are turning out in record numbers for you. (Subtext: because they're not yet equipped with the intellectual resources to know that you're lying to them.) Way to go, McCain!

I expected better.
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