William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Whassup? Not much... bloggin' on LJ, havin' a Kirin Season's Premium

It's busy busy busy time for me these days, so I'm not going to write a whole bunch - instead, here's something interesting to read and then something that actually is laugh out loud funny to watch (although the political message is slightly heavy-handed):

1. What a McCain Win Would Look Like - Newsweek's Johnathan Alter puts together a plausible scenario in which McCain wins, written in retrospective style. It's worth reading, as it lends credence to Democratic "nightmares that defeat will be snatched from the jaws of victory." Here's how it could happen, and it's not nearly as farfetched as one might imagine.

2. Change. That's wassup - Remember the "Whassup?" guys? They're back! The new piece pays excellent homage to the old commercial (it was made by and with the same people), but it's still as funny as all get out even if you haven't seen said old commercial (and I hadn't - only parodies of it, as I guess I was watching mostly Canadian or simsubbed USAmerican TV at the time). Fortunately, freshman political blogger Jerad Gallinger embeds both videos for our convenience.
Tags: elections, mccain, obama, politics, united states of america, videos

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