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Crap!! I missed another "Restricted" phone call! This time I was napping in the spare room, having left my telephone downstairs. I'm not doing that again! I even heard it ringing, but I was like, "Meh, I'll just return the call off of the Call Display." OMG frustrating.

Work is getting funnier. Today my supervisor, Sherry, was showing me a new validation type - Currency. (As of today, I'm at full validation, which meant I picked up a few minor new validation types just today.) This was an easy one - even easier than Date or Microline or Ammount.

Sherry: "See, now you could just push enter, and it would be validated as Canadian, but you won't get any keystrokes."
William: "I won't get any keystokes?"
Sherry: "No. But look, see, if you're in a Canadian batch, you can just look to make sure that it's a Canadian bank and that 'U.S. Funds' isn't typed near the ammount. Then key a '1.' If you're in a U.S. batch, you'll be keying '2.' See, you can push 'Enter,' and it will go through as Canadian." (She pushes 'Enter.')
William (mock critical): "You just cost me a keystroke!"
Sherry (mock peeved): "Okay, I'm just going to go home right now!"

We also hit rock bottom for the second day in a row. It didn't affect me much, except that I had no items the last five minutes of yesterday, nor the last minute of today. This is a very rare occurrence. Sherry says it's only happened twice since she's been there. I imagine the people who feed the cheques and stubs and skirts into the scanners are probably getting yelled at right now.

"Sherry, it's 8:29, and I have no items left."
"Okay, I think you can just log out and go home!"

So tomorrow's Friday Day! I'll be going to bed at 6:00 tonight; it's going to be a long weekend.

By the way, guys, I'm in the IMDB now. Coolness.

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