William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Poésie et débat

Here's a treat for you: The Poetry of Sarah Palin.

Enjoy the French debates! Translation will be available on CBC Newsworld and CBCNews.ca. I'll be at work - hopefully I'll be able to watch it after the fact somehow.

Update: CBC isn't getting the job done. They have links to play back the video of the debate, but none are working.

Fortunately, CTV has come to the rescue. Thanks, CTV!

Verdict: Yawn. May (when she spoke - if you were just tuning in for her, it would have been a disappointment) was fiery, but merely fluent. Harper was Harper, and Dion was Dion, but more impotent than usual. Layton was OK. He talked in terms of being prime minister, which I think is good for the NDP and for democracy, even though I don't want him to be my prime minister (but I don't want Harper either).

I would say that Duceppe "won" hands-down - I'm by no means his target audience, but were I living in Quebec I might find myself voting for an incumbent Bloc. He convinced me of their relevance to parliament! His arguments boiled down to: "Look what I did for Quebec!" and "Stay out of areas of provincial jurisdiction!" He had the kindness to mention his perceptions of unfairness with regards to other provinces (chiefly Ontario), even though his party does not run candidates in them.

Of course, the fact that his party is almost necessary for Quebec shows what's wrong with our system and perhaps our government. I wish the Bloc weren't relevant, but they are, and there they are.
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