William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

My Turn with Your Turn

CBC invited the party leaders to come in and sit with Peter Mansbridge for an hour to answer questions sent in by citizens across the country.

Jack Layton came on two weeks ago:
Your Turn with Jack Layton

Instead of being more impressed with the NDP, I became more skeptical. Of course, I had just seen a CBC feature on his association with 9/11 "Truthers." To put it simply, I'm skeptical that he's skeptical enough. I don't want to vote for a party with a leader who's ready to indulge every codswallop coping mechanism for reality that comes along. And this makes me wonder about each and every one of his candidates, because they have chosen to follow him. So, no thanks. I'll wait for the second coming of Alexa.

I admit that I wasn't part of the Bush administration, nor am I Jewish. I am not willing to waste spend time refuting their individual claims - like Phil Plait has done for the claims that the USAmericans never went to the moon. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence - the burden of proof should be on the conspiracy claimants. And these days, if they struck something truly compelling, it's not like they couldn't just expose everything on the internet, unless they were based in PRChina or something. (And they couldn't get away with the relatively banal act of lip-syncing. There is no government and media conspiracy - they're not that competent.)

Getting back to his appearance on Your Turn, I felt that some of his answers were simplistic. But his appearance is still morally superior to Harper's, whose representatives have announced that he will not be participating in the "Your Turn" format. (No, that would be giving his opponents legitimacy in their condescension.)

It's a slap in the face, really. Blue-sweatered fireside chats my a**. He's the same arrogant prod he's always been! And he runs the most secretive government in living memory. He's a one man show. The Liberals and others actually make decisions in caucus; he dictates. (After they win the election, though, I will enumerate several of his actions and initiatives of which I approve, just so it's not all doom and gloom. And it's not. We can live our lives just fine in spite of the present government.)

Elizabeth May appeared last night:
Your Turn with Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May is a sharp cookie. She's affable, honest, funny, and shrewd. No wonder Harper and Layton didn't want her in the debate. I don't really have much to say about her appearance last night except that she hit it out of the park - she's not a mindless ideologue, she's got cred, and she made, in my case, a timely appeal to disenfranchised Red Tories.

Given the overtures going both ways, I think people are justified in asking what there is to differentiate the Liberals and the Greens. Dion said in Halton: "The Greens, they are more radical than us. It's OK. [But we want to help people change gradually.] It is the Liberal way." And May is saying that Dion is a good "second choice."

Mercifully, May put the kibosh on talk of a merger. I think the populist, grassroots Reformers as well as the Progressive Conservatives were done a disservice by their merger. In the same way, I think any merger involving any two of the Liberal, NDP, and Green parties would be bad for democracy. We don't need more mergers - what we really need is electoral reform. I love Dion's witty remarks about preferential voting (they're in the Halton video, and also referenced here).

As always, I watch with interest...
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