William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Close Election?

No, not likely ours... that "other" election.

My methodology was simple. I looked at who was "leading" the polls in each swing state and closed my eyes, held my nose, and gave the appropriate candidate each state. Oh, and I gave Obama a congressional district victory in Nebraska, mostly because I think that would be neat, not because it's likely. Plus if you change the "b" to an "h" and do a little shift you get "Omaha." =) (Nebraska and Maine can potentially split their electoral votes.)

At any rate, I can independently confirm that the election is still too close to call. Obama seems to have a greater chance of winning, but not by a great margin. He seems to be better positioned than Kerry in 2004, though - not that I want to damn him with faint praise. =)

And, as always, your mileage may vary. Swing states swing, and they may swing back and even forth again. It should be a great race. By the way, if anyone in the New York area is headed to an airport, McCain needs a lift.

LOLerskates: Palin on how Alaska's Proximity to Russia and Canada is Relevant. (Transcript with funny comments. Video.)
Tags: charts, elections, maps, polls, predictions, president, united states of america

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