William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

This salmon died...

This salmon did not go nearly so well as the last one. I think knowing what was going on spooked the other party.

(8:31:59 PM) HilariousCoho: Wistest thou that mine eigenvalues hath from me ran?
(8:32:23 PM) will grm: ohhh... did I just get salmoned? =)
(8:32:24 PM) hilariouscoho is now known as HilariousCoho.
(8:32:32 PM) will grm: did you post on LJ, by any chance?
(8:32:54 PM) HilariousCoho: and with that, you're blocked, baby.
(8:33:19 PM) will grm: LOL, clearly you don't know how this works... google it
(8:33:39 PM) will grm: it happens randomly if you're logged onto AIM and make an LJ post

But what I said was in vain, as I was likely blocked. Some people, eh?
Tags: aim, bots, livejournal, project upstream, salmoning

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