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131. Writing + Intrigue

I had a slow weekend – I used it to veg out and catch up on my writing. It’s good to be caught up, but now I’m looking around for something (I want) to do! I could get into organizing photos, but I’m tempted to just leave the whole job for when I return. It’s the kind of work that I like to switch into nocturnal mode to do – and I can’t do that when I’m working 8 to 5. Plus, when the evenings come, work is the last thing I want to do. But we’ll see. It’s imperative that I stay caught up on the writing, as mental impressions are not nearly so permanent as the photographic kind. I let the Ukraine photos sit for almost two years (I won’t do that this time), and there really wasn’t a great loss for it. There would certainly be if I’d tried to write about Ukraine two years after the fact. Most likely, it wouldn’t get done.

Actually, I just remembered now that Mk. asked us to write an essay about the sports festival – 1200 to 1500 words. Gah. I think it’ll be copypasta, but I’ll share it with you behind a cut if there’s anything new in it (or even if not).

Oh, the child from the incident is moving away to a new school – it doesn’t have anything to do with me, but when he came into the staff room with his parents this afternoon for what I later learned was a wrapping-things-up meeting with his homeroom Japanese teacher, I was sweating bullets. It wasn’t the prospect of getting fired that frightened me; it was the inevitability of having to deal with the senseis. And Mk. in there, too, “translating.” Gah. Gah. Gah. Fortunately, this did not come to pass! (And there’s one less problem child to deal with.)

So yeah, I had a pretty slow weekend. I didn’t get out much, but by a twist of fate I wasn’t around when F. knocked on my door about going out with the gang to an Indian restaurant in town. Later, when she was getting in touch with S-go, he said, “Oh, Will’s here!”


“Yes, he’s on a date!”

So F. and Ch. are intrigued, and their anticipation mounts as they go into the restaurant, and they see… two men. F. wondered if it was that Japanese English teacher I sometimes hang out with. And then they finally discovered that it was the other Will. It probably didn’t take them long - he’s black, and, yes, quite gay. He’s cool, so I’m happy to be confused with him.

Today’s exhortation, delivered over the PA: “Let’s keep our bodies clean!”
I turned to R-kun, a native speaker. “Kind of personal, isn’t it?” He got the joke.
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