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107. Abort

The rain this morning caused me to abort my trip, so it's now almost noon and I'm still at home. I guess I could still go to Hiroshima, but it's just a little bit too far away and too much stress and trouble. It might have to wait until my next time in Japan (if I come back again). Maybe I was only going out of a sense of obligation.

I think I will bike to Temple 18 today, because it's cloudy and therefore good weather for cycling. Tomorrow will be sunny, so it'll be a good day to take the train to Temples 19, 22, and 23, as planned before. Let's hope 4:30 tomorrow doesn't seem so awfully early. =)

Next weekend, I might try going to Mt. Tsurugi. We'll be having an open lesson for potential primary school entrants on Saturday, but Sunday will still be free.
Tags: japan, temples, travel, weather

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