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105. Back to the Grind

Today is a very special day! We're going back to work! Yay!

Heh. Actually, aside from having to get up early (I'm never a morning person), it's not really so bad. The last, easy weeks of work and this vacation, taken together, have helped me get my bounce back. I feel vital again.

For a long time there, I was in survival mode - it definitely showed around the apartment, where I'd let a lot of things slide. Dirty dishes, dirty sinks, stuff all over the floor... even bits of pigeon poop on the balcony that I still hadn't the stomach to clean up.

But now all of this is taken care of. My place is fit to be seen again, and last night everyone was in my apartment to watch The Big White. It's a good movie; it feels a little bit like Fargo in Alaska, but it's good on its own merits, and Robin Williams is well-placed. I know that he's been in a few weak movies in recent years, but this isn't one of them. In a sense Robin Williams always plays Robin Williams, but here it just works.

I even turned on the air conditioning for the first time this summer, as I figured the fan alone wouldn't be enough to keep people comfortable. Thus my battle with nature and the power company officially ended on the evening of August 17th. It's the first time I've had to use the unit at all in over four months, and my power bills since that time have been noticeably lower - they're a shade under $30 whereas before they were just under $50 or even $60.

I also discovered what was causing water to leak from the door of my fridge. The ice that was forming on the back of the compartment was periodically melting and breaking off, and when it melted completely out came the water. I had thought the ice was a good thing because it seemed akin to how ice would be a good thing to have in a portable cooler to help keep your stuff cold. In this case, not so much. Anyway, it's good to have that figured out and under control. Now I just need to defrost the freezer. Aside from the stuff I have in there, it's mostly ice crystals. Every time I take something out or put something back, I have to sweep the floor.

Time for my breakfast of boiled eggs (my standby for when I can't get into town to get oatmeal, or can't afford such when I'm there: Awa Odori was mostly pre-payday), a shower, and work.
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