William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

93. Departures

I spent most of my spare moments today writing my entries for the big Ehime trip we took ten days ago. I’ll spread the entries out over the next three mornings – expect to see the updates around 7am Japan Time / 7pm Atlantic Time on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

D. left today. The kids lined up in the loghouse to thank him, and they lined up again outside when the car was packed and ready to take D. to his Kansai-bound bus. Mk. drove (poor woman; she needed my help to get past the steering lock on the ignition switch again!); F. and H-sensei went along for the ride and private goodbyes.

I’m still looking forward to many new adventures here, but I do envy D. somewhat for being able to go back to Canada now. I’m glad I won’t have to watch someone leave again… well, there’s M., I guess, but he works at the kindergarten, so the impact’s not the same, and I suppose F. could leave in December even if I can stay on, but I think that’s unlikely because she’s a likelier candidate to stay, and if she can, she definitely will. In fact, she could be here for a long while – it’s quite likely that she will stay behind when I leave.

It’s report-writing season, and I got those chores finished today, too, and the other day I sent in my mid-term report for Saint Mary’s. M2, one of the local hires, walked into the office the other day and saw F. and I at the computers with “Mid-Term Report” boldly emblazoned on the screens – you should have seen the horrified look on his face! His relief was palpable (and hilarious!) as we explained to him that the report was just for us SMU people and that he didn’t have to worry about it. C. came in later and had the same reaction to me simply uttering the word “report,” but I only let him hang for a few milliseconds before explaining again that it was something he didn’t have to worry about. Heh-heh.

There was an incredible thundershower this evening. Some of the bolts lit up the area as bright as daylight.

There was also a misunderstanding with the garbage, and F. and I have to take care of D.’s garbage after all! Tomorrow is plastics day. We’re really lucky in Halifax to have such frequent and comprehensive collections.

Tokyo… Tokyo… Ferry… Ah, I can almost taste the salt air!
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