William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

85. First Night: Matsuyama

What a drive, and what a day!

We were late getting going from S.G. back in Tokushima, and we only got to one temple here, 47. But we've had a very interesting evening here. I've taken notes and will share the details after we return. So far this has been worth every penny and every bit of weariness.

Right now we three guys are at a 24-hour cybercafe (the kind with private booths) - we each bought "Night 8" stays for about $15, and we'll be sleeping here. The girls are out in the van - the back two rows fold together flatly to make a dandy bed.

I'm also watching the Open live! I wrote down my Slingbox Finder ID before I came, and I just downloaded the Player software to this computer, installed and ran it, then plugged in my ID and password and Bob's my uncle!

Well, back to the golf! I'll probably fall asleep soon. Hey, Greg Norman just got a birdie!

* * *

1:56am - I was hearing this unearthly snoring for a while, and I figured it might be ____, as he's famous for it. =) Suddenly, I heard a knock. Hmm? I opened my door and stepped out to see a few of the staff waking up... a Japanese fellow! They'd traced the noise, and were taking the appropriate action. [For a long time I thought it was the Japanese guy who was snoring, but he's gone now, and the serenade continues. =) ]

They [also] asked me if I wanted to move - kudos to them for asking me before I was going to. They put me in a booth further away - I can still hear the snoring, as it is that bad, but it's no longer so loud that I can't concentrate on the golf.

Of course I had to go through the whole uninstall / reinstall cycle again with the player, but now I have the program and the codes saved on my USB key, so future setups will be quick and painless.

+5 is the clubhouse lead at the Open. It's a rough day out there.
Tags: cybercafes, golf, japan, travel, tv

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