William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

67. Air Conditioning? + Vacation?

Today I asked D. when we’d be getting air conditioning.

“When the kids start passing out and getting nosebleeds.” We’re still a week or two away. And they all say that we’re still in the twenties, and it’s not even hot (by local summer standards) yet.

I’d like the glorious day to come, because I’m sweltering. The humidity is stifling.

I had a very tiring art class today. The students brought their own household materials (plastic drink bottles, clothespins, sponges, scrubbers, toothpicks, etc..) and we made imaginary creatures out of them. It was fun and largely successful, but a lot of logistical things completely threw me, mostly because it was my first time doing anything like this and because I hadn’t thought everything through. Well, no more. All in all, this was a challenging day in which I had to learn more than I was prepared to. There’s no way to learn humility like being humiliated.

The ball players weren’t able to count to three today:
“Ich, ni…”
“Ich ni!”
“Ich, ni…”
“Ich ni!”
“Ich, ni…”
“Ich ni!”
“Ich, ni…”
“San shi!” I shouted. A Japanese teacher laughed.

I was so tired when I got home (just after 5) that I slept until nearly 8! It was supposed to be a little late-afternoon nap, but when I finally dragged myself off my bed, it was well past dusk.

Holy heck, I’m beat. I need a vacation. Or air-conditioning. I might even give in and turn on the A/C in my apartment soon, although doing so would eat into my budget. Well, I’ll survive – there are only six weeks left in the term, and after that there’ll be at least a slight respite – work will be mostly day care shifts, and in early-to-mid August I’ll be able to get away for a bit. If this term seems longer than last term, it’s because it is: a whole month longer! And where did those innocent days of February and March go? I hope they’ll come again…

Wednesday Update: I did kind of get a little mini-vacation after all: junior high math was cancelled for the third week in a row! It's great because I finally feel like I have enough time to attend to everything. And the term will be over soon; I just gotta keep plugging away.
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