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59. Heating Up, Falling Down

It’s getting hot here. This morning we had six kids drop out of the (all-school, outside) Monday morning meeting; the first boy had the heaves and puked as soon as he was led out of his lineup. As usual, they went straight into the meeting and the required parade formation right after running laps. The humidity here is shocking, even at eight o’clock in the morning.

With the heat comes an onslaught of pigeons. When I want to be nice I call them Rock Doves. This is not one of those times. Every day since Friday I have been cleaning their goshdarned brown and white souvenirs off my balcony. When I see them perched on my rail, I want to strangle them. I chase them away, but they know I can’t be here to guard the apartment all the time.

It must be their mating season. When I came back for lunch today, I saw one on my railing with a twig in its mouth, and my balcony was the recipient of several fresh deposits. Lucky for that pigeon my window was closed – I would have thrown something heavy. I cleaned up the mess after coming home for the day (just before writing this). I hope all this is only temporary; the situation wasn’t bad in the winter, but right now the outlook is <ahem> dropping.

Update: Just as I was going to the grocery store tonight, I stumbled into a conversation D. and A. were having, and the topic of the birdie gifts came up. D. said he hasn't had problems with them lately. Hmm? What's the secret? Well, D. and some of the people who lived here before solved their problem with pellet guns. D. has a gas-powered unit he got for $70 that shoots little plastic pellets in rapid-fire. It doesn't kill the birds (which may be a downside depending on your point of view, but then I suppose I'd rather clean up bird poop than dead birds), but it's still an effective deterrent - after they started using the guns, the pigeons went to the other end of the building. =)
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