July 17th, 2012


7. Bleh

Composed Saturday night.

Friday was fun. In helping out a friend, I discovered that my mom's ginormous sedan will fit a few lengthy two-by-fours - from the top back edge of the left rear door all the way down into the front passenger footwells. I suddenly realized why those godawful sport-utilities are so popular.

And my aunt and uncle came down for the weekend, bringing with them my poor grand aunt who'd gone down to Halifax with my grandmother but had only expected to be there for a day. (My grandmother came back on Thursday, having gone down on Monday and run into complications that extended her day. My grand aunt rode along in the ambulance going down.) Fortunately, Mom washed her clothes at least once. :-)

I'm still kind of bored, but I have my Nintendo 64 now - that helps. I'm playing Super Mario 64 and going for high "scores" - getting 100 coins on most of the courses isn't too much of a pain (but try to get the most dangerous-to-get ones first, and don't leave yourself with a 100th coin in a hard-to-reaccess place), so the challenge is now to see just how many coins (beyond 100) you can get. There is probably an FAQ somewhere with the believed maximums. Getting coins from enemies can be the hardest because the coins scatter in all directions and you only have a few moments to gather them. They also have an annoying tendency to fall off edges overlooking bottomless abysses.

A neighbour rode a penny-farthing in the Highland Games Parade in Antigonish today. I saw it in his yard the other night - I should have asked if I could try it. Somewhere there is a picture of my cousin / his nephew riding one. Something like that for me could have made an interesting profile picture. I'd need to be wearing a modern helmet and maybe also chic cycling gear and make it look like I'm riding for exercise.

If one were to ride one of these things across the Macdonald Bridge, would they be stopped by the authorities? I'd guess no, at least not on the first attempt, but it would probably attract a lot of attention. It would also be extremely dangerous - it's one thing to take a bruising tumble in a parking lot, but quite another to take a fatal tumble off a suspension bridge into the harbour. The railings wouldn't be high enough to stop you from going over. Anyway, bad idea.

Remember when I said the weekends were boring because my other friend's girlfriend would be down? Well, right now I kind of wish I had that problem. Shit happens. But either way, no Saturday Night Philosophy tonight. At least, I don't have anything that my standards of "decency" will allow me to post here or on my Twitter feed.

My grandmother is looking better, so people say. For my part, I find these things really hard to discern. I'm glad to hear it, though. At any rate, this isn't a Mordecai Richler short story.

Composed Monday afternoon.

Last night I watched the third Narnia movie. It took what seemed like a lot of liberties with the book - the green mist stuff is unique to the movie (if I'm not mistaken), and the movie didn't address the limits of rations and the crew nearly as much as I expected. Eustace reminded me a lot of Sheldon.

The fellow at whose house I saw the movie had only his projector speakers, so we watched with headphones - it was one of the few times I've ever had to use my headphone splitter. I figured it would come in handy eventually. It reminded me of when I didn't have a stereo TV, so I'd use an old amp for sound, but it had seen better days and the speakers would come and go, so I often used headphones - and when I had a guest, I'd rig up another pair and the splitter. "Will™ Brand Electronics," as a friend put it. Anyway, I was sympathetic.

Today is a gray day - dour in its way, but it does provide welcome relief from the heat. My grand aunt is going down to Halifax tomorrow morning, so I have to get back on the ball with more kitchen creativity. It's hilarious when she or my grandmother say, "Such-and-such is simple - you just flabergooz the whats-its, flip the fillber-dabbers, add a bit of whatchamacallit..." I had to interrupt and ask, "If I told you how to write a computer program to solve a maze, would you remember it?" :-) Perhaps I should be taking notes, but there are limits to how much I care - I don't think I should be expected to run and grab a notepad every time someone talks about this stuff. ATTITUDE ALERT.

To get my grand aunt all the way in, my mother will take her from Sheet Harbour. So it's early to rise tomorrow. I can listen to music and stuff on the way back, so that's kind of fun.