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January 31st, 2012 - William Matheson's Journal — LiveJournal

Jan. 31st, 2012

05:32 pm - the coupon

Someone at McDonald's today had a fascinating understanding of how coupons work - she looked at the expiry date, rang in my discounted food, and then she gave the coupon back to me, because it hadn't expired yet.

I couldn't let her do that and told her that that coupons typically are a one-shot deal; the expiry date just means that you missed your chance to use it. But I didn't tell her that my order came out to less than I thought it was going to be.

I was supposed to get a free drink and fries when I ordered a sandwich. At my table, I checked my receipt and sure enough, I got a free sandwich when I ordered a drink and fries!

I wonder if she's on a mission to subvert Mickey D's? :-)

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05:45 pm - This Isn't Really Working For Me - 2: Tim Hortons Wastebin

This is a wastebin in the Tim Hortons at the corner of Hammonds Plains Road and Bedford Highway. They are a location that has both a Cold Stone Creamery and a drive-thru window, and the building was originally built for neither, so they are a little tight on space. Apparently this compact square wastebin was part of the solution.


The problem is, it's impossible to tell which slot is for what. In the two images above I show two equally plausible interpretations for what's supposed to go where. Having shaped slots is a nice idea, and they have the potential to remove the equivocation, but the images above the slots don't show the corresponding shapes.

Inevitably I stand there for a few moments looking confused, and inevitably an employee at the counter pipes up and tells me which one. Sometimes they or fellow patrons have a little chuckle at my expense. I can't even tell what goes where by what's in the bins because I'm both 1) not the only person confused 2) one of only some who are conscientious enough to care.

I'd change this design by making the shapes meaningful though having them shown in the photos. Labels would work too, but then you'd have to have something printed next to the slot that could get kind of messy and / or worn out. Shaped slots are more elegant.

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