September 8th, 2011


Third Day

Our first class of the day was cancelled, as the prof had a death in her family. Before we knew why it was cancelled, one fellow was more than a little irritated because he’d been running late, so he caught a cab to get to the class on time.

It was supposed to be a networking class, so naturally our logins weren’t working. Somebody joked that that would give us something to do.

Update: We weren't actually supposed to be able to log in there. The networking lab intentionally has a different setup. Having now had my first class there, what you're supposed to do is use a generic login, then if you need to be logged in normally (for network drive access, for example), you can sign in to a web platform and open up a session that streams a virtual desktop to you - just like being at a standard workstation, albeit slower.

The drive was really easy – less than 25 minutes.

There are a lot of ex-military types in the program. One fellow is retired and needs to have a second career. A few others would otherwise be able to join the French Foreign Legion were they so inclined, but I guess you have to be 40 or under.

Many of my classmates are married, some with children. Some with children not much younger than the youngest of us.

We did get to have our web development class, where we heard the nuts and bolts and then introduced ourselves. I guess that, among other things, it’ll be an opportunity to give my neglected website some badly-needed attention! Between my nerve entrapments and a general feeling of ugh, I have no desire to open it up, and I’ve been putting it off for… what? a year?

And that looms largest – the nerves. I really want to get these tests done; I can’t stand the waiting. It’ll probably turn out that there’s nothing that they can do for me save perhaps palliative treatments, and I’ll suffer this for the rest of my life. But let’s say I do need surgery. Well, now that I think of it, if I’ve had to wait this long for the tests, think how long I’ll have to wait for surgery! I could be finished with the program by then! It’s really frustrating not knowing quite how things are going to go, not to mention having to express that frustration right here with tight, tingling fingers.
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