August 28th, 2010


Dragon Quest IX "finishing", for the record

Time spent playing: 59:08
Time spent in multiplayer: 00:00
Battle victories: 1410
Times Alchemy Performed: 7
Accolades Earnt*: 22
Quests Completed: 21
Grottoes Completed: 1
(am working on another as I write this)
Guests Canvassed: 0
Defeated Monster List Completion: 72%
Wardrobe Completion: 17%
(did I mention it's a dress-up game?)
Item List Completion: 46%
Alchenomicon Completion: 1%

* - They like to use antiquated forms of English at times in this series, or at least English that feels antiquated.

- Unofficial stats -
Party defeated: 2
(Once from exploring Eastern Stornway early in the game, before I recruited additional party members; the other by a surprise boss battle that I probably should have seen coming - it began as soon as I walked into the big Imperial castle at the end of the game.)

Is it worth trying to "canvass" people? How does the exchange of treasure maps work - can I still access the original grotto after 'trading' my map? Questions, questions, questions...
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