June 11th, 2010


Climbing up to the Coconut Grove

So around 11pm tonight it was getting on to the time to go home. I made the mistake of walking to the ferry terminal, hoping to catch a #2 or #4 bus that would get me to Lacewood before 11:50 for the #89. No luck, so I'd have to wait a whole other hour for the next #80.

I'm hungry, so I drop into Sicilian at Pizza Corner. I sit down at the window and munch on my slice of pizza.

A guy on the sidewalk below me stops. Huh? Maybe he thinks he knows me.

Next I see his hands gripping the railing.


And the next thing I know, the guy climbs up right on top of where I'm eating, knocks my lame little PocketStation off the counter... I leap out of my seat and exclaim something like "WTF are you doing?!" in my expression if not my words.

And the guy, standing on the counter where I was eating, points at my PocketStation and says, "Could you pick that up for me, please?"

"No, dude! That's mine!"

He climbs down onto the floor to face me. "No, it's mine!"

"DUDE! It's MINE!"

And then he looks at it and laughs, "Ha-ha! It IS yours!"


And he climbs up onto the seat again - I snatch my coat off the back of the chair as he alights on the counter again and take myself, my PocketStation, and my 3/4-eaten pizza slice to an inner table. He disappears from the window, in the diagonal-up direction.


I felt kind of violated. I wanted to say something to the folks behind the counter, but they acted like they didn't even notice anything. I guess they see worse each and every night. It's a pretty notorious place.

So what was this guy up to, anyway? When I got outside, I looked at where he'd climbed up - next to the window there's a sturdy-looking "Sicilian Pizza" sign mounted with steel pipes. Using those would allow access to the patio above, which just so happened to be part of a separate establishment called Coconut Grove. I've never been in there, and it looks like a bit of a dive - but there was either a cover charge this night or this guy had been kicked out of there already - I assume one of those must be the reason he wanted to sneak in.

But since he was daft, rude, and inconsiderate enough to bowl over me on his way up, I hope the security at Coconut Grove saw him and threw him out on his idiot kiester.
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