July 30th, 2009



I couldn't sleep, so I uploaded some photos!

I named her "Tethys," after the white icy moon of Saturn. (Will be getting that as a plate too, if it's approved by the DMV.) Enceladus is an awesome icy moon too, but it doesn't fit into the seven characters permitted on a plate. I don't want to talk about my other naming ideas, as I'm keeping them on the DL so they'll be free to register for future cars. ;-) One cool thing I like is that the slogan is mine forever unless and until I actually turn the plate back in, even when it's no longer actively used on a vehicle.

This car is the fastest-accelerating I've ever driven, things like pulling away from standing starts (say, when you're in the middle of an intersection waiting to make a left turn against traffic) or merging into freeway traffic are virtually effortless. Weaknesses include parking, tight spaces, and parking. The long doors and wide body mean I'll be parking hundreds of yards away from store entrances. But once it's on the road, it's hard to beat (considering my price range, anyway!)
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Chemistry A-Go-Go

Chemistry stuff all worked out. Not that I was trying to cause a fuss - I was actually prepared to go take the course at MSVU or Dal - but I inadvertently learned something: Coming into the faculty dean's office with a letter of permission ready to go is a great way to get attention! ;-) Magic happened. Got to see the department chairperson and that was very productive. Apparently there had been a few minor misunderstandings. And now that's all settled nicely and I can just relax and enjoy August.