April 8th, 2009


Chemistry 101, in more ways than one

It’s been an interesting day. I still need to write about the Halo shoots, and I will get to them over the weekend. I know I haven’t been doing enough writing, as Microsoft Word had managed to disappear from the first part of the Start Menu, and I actually had to go digging for it. I suppose I could graduate it to the upper half and give it a permanent spot?

Anyway, today was my first day of chemistry! Ever! No, I never even darkened Mr. MacDonald’s door at CPA. Or should I say Mr. Mead’s? Well, either way, I was nowhere to be seen. I had to take a Grade 12 science to graduate, so I took Biology with Mr. Burke. I was kind of bored by it, but I was a terrible student at the time to boot. Chemistry, though? Chemistry is interesting! Shit happens! I mean, I’m just getting started, but I like it already. And the style of the course requires careful reading and class attendance, but you don’t have to do backflips on an inclined railing or anything. I was really petrified of all of these courses, and I’m still a bit leery of the pre-cal course, but this one should go OK.

Honestly, the things I didn’t know I didn’t know! Like how temperature and the force that binds particles together are inversely related. Duh. Why the heck didn’t I take this in high school? Someone could have told me it would have been OK. Or I could have found out myself; I could have taken an interest in my own education, but at the time I was ridiculously short-sighted. I cared only about Star Trek, video games, whatever stupid girl I was obsessed with that month, and my amateurish, caustic website.

Now I can legally drink a Żywiec, watch Battlestar Galactica DVDs and type about my chemistry class on my very own internet-connected computer. (Not all at the same time, but still…) Ain’t growing up grand? Whoever said teenage years (or even early twenties) are the best years obviously blew all their magic as soon as they could.

This morning it rained ridiculously heavily. I had the comfort of sleeping off-and-on through most of it. Funny thing – after those long film shoots, a full eight-hour’s sleep is just not enough. After the first one, I slept for twelve hours straight! This time I only needed ten, but I had hoped to be up and about still sooner than I was. I barely had time to practise my song between getting a shower and going out to get the bus.

The walk out my driveway (an event in itself, as those of you who’ve driven me home already know) was brilliant – you know how everything smells after a rain? Well, the whole woods had that scent. It was really quite something.

And then I get out to the Hammonds Plains Road and discover the 89 Lacewood blowing by me and shooting up Bluewater Road without even taking a layover! WTF?! I was livid. It was only eight minutes past the hour and the timepoint for Innovation Drive (before this) was ten after!

Fortunately, the 89 Cobequid was closer to schedule and I got on it and asked him about the layovers, because often I see both 89s taking a layover at the bottom of Bluewater when they’re running early (which is usually the case). He told me that the only thing carved in stone were the “timepoints,” and that the layovers in between were at the driver’s discretion. Fair enough. He postulated that the Lacewood bus blew through because it was empty, and said that he’d speak to that driver about it. I really appreciated that, and my rancour dissipated and I felt a lot better.

When I sat down, I noticed that another employee was there with a clipboard noting the times of each stop! So between the two of them, I’m sure my miniscule complaint will be heard! As things are, I think the 89 could use a bit of tightening / tweaking. I imagine there’ll be changes, so I’d better not get too comfortable with the current schedule.

So I took the 89 down to the 80, which really is almost as good as going to Lacewood and getting a direct connection to Dal, SMU, downtown, or wherever, because the 80 just kind of goes everywhere. And then, since I’m running quite a bit early (I wasn’t taking any chances with my first class), I decided to shop for a DSi screen protector.

Unfortunately, even though this is something that should really be standard in-box equipment for anything with a touch-screen, there weren’t even any DSi screen protectors available for sale, unless you bought a whole kit’s worth of stuff (sometimes including expensive extravagances like a car charger, sometimes including just a travel case). Oh, there were plenty of DS Lite screen protectors and other accessories, both alone and bundled, but very little for the DSi. They’re not interchangeable – the dimensions of the touch screens are different, for a principal instance.

A fellow at the Joseph Howe Superstore suggested that I buy something generic and cut it down to size. I eventually bought such protectors at Wal-Mart. Now, if I’d known what I know now when I bought my DSi, I would have bought one of those accessory bundles, instead of putting things together piecemeal. But the real point is that screen protectors should be included on any stylus-input device. It’s like selling a car without floormats. Wait a minute, sometimes they actually do that, don’t they?

[Update: Grr. The protectors I got don't work with the DSi - they're too thick to allow the unit to detect touch! I'm back to square one! I guess I can return the wallet I got for Mom's unit and trade it for a kit with a wallet and protectors.]

On my rounds I also bought an 8GB SDHC memory card at The Source for $20. (Well, $22.59 with tax.) That should easily get me through C.’s wedding and beyond. (I don’t shoot nearly as many movies through my new camera as I expected I would, although perhaps that’s because I’m still learning how to use it.) Anyway, given the recent drop in memory prices, I’ve decided to stop clearing them off. When I fill up a card, or get close to filling it up, you know what I’ll do? Flick on the write-protect tab and buy a new one. There’s no good reason to wipe your cards anymore when replacements are so ridiculously cheap. It’s also easier and more reliable than using an external hard drive (moving parts!) or optical discs (pitiful capacity, slow as molasses, need to be verified). It makes archiving virtually automatic – flash memory is notoriously reliable. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone figured out how to make even cheaper write-once flash memory, meant to accommodate this new way of doing things. Just watch.

On the 1 from Wal-Mart to Dal, I overheard a conversation about bandwidth limits, where this one guy was talking about how he downloaded movies in Blu-Ray format and how he couldn’t live with a 40GB limit that Time Warner was proposing in the United States. I unsuccessfully tried to contribute the factoid that folks in Nunavut have to live under a 2GB limit, lest they be relegated to dial-up speed. They didn’t really acknowledge me. Guess I should just keep my big mouth shut…

OK, chemistry class. Not bad, like I said. I should have read the first chapter of the book before going to class. I was able to keep pace, but it would have been more pleasurable had I read the material first. I’m sure I could not read at all and still pass, but it would mean a lot of frenetic note-taking and basically take away any margin of error as well as any pleasure in attending the lectures. So that’s nowheresville; I’m going to read, and do the questions. They’re easy – they’re multiple choice or short answer. No essays. Why was I expecting essays?

Also – and for me this is an important detail – there are a lot of prospective nursing students in the class. It’s enough incentive for me to start thinking about my next haircut.

After class, I headed downtown to get last week’s voice lesson. =) That was good fun, but I left my water bottle there – good thing I’m going back on Friday. What scared me more was that I lost my transfer on the 2 to Lacewood. I had to get on the 89 (which was ten minutes late, and since it was the last one I thought I’d missed it and was stranded) using the transfer I’d gotten from the first 89 all those hours ago! Fortunately, the driver let it slide, but I’m pretty sure he noticed that my transfer wasn’t quite long enough – the length it’s torn to determines the time of day to which it’s valid, and the drivers shift the strip tearpoint downward every half-hour or so. Anyway, I was having a bad day for leaving things places, I guess.

C. had some great words for me about not taking other people’s advice so much, too. As I rode that 2, I realized that I’d been psyching myself out of a lot of things because I wasn’t following my gut but was going with other people’s dictums instead. I think from this point I need to take other people’s advice under advisement and not as gospel (especially in the world of dating – or in my case, being parked in orbit above said world). Like I can act with thoughtfulness and consideration… but screw the “rules.” Memorizing formulae is not going to get me anywhere. It’s got to be natural, right? And why would I want to live with the person whom I’d snagged using all these rarefied machinations?

That’s the end of my Żywiec, and the end of this post.
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Gender Roles: 1970s versus 2009

http://is.gd/rkFV (Thanks, Shawn)

Well, it's amazing how far we've come since the 1970s!

In 2009:
Boys are pilots, girls are flight engineers.
Boys are presidents, girls run for president.
Boys are neurosurgeons, girls are GPs.
Boys are on the SWAT team, girls are traffic cops.
Boys are chefs, girls do the cooking at home.
Boys are architects, girls build houses.
Boys are patent holders, girls invent things.
Boys own things, girls fix things.

Now that's progress!

B.G.: "... Who allowed that to be printed?"

A man, of course.
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Для российских читателей / For my Russian readers

До 95% от моего дорогого российского Живой журнал френды:

Почему вы добавили меня в качестве френд? А если серьезно, то почему вы добавили мои френды? Они могут подумать, что пресмыкающийся. Я имею в виду, если вы хотите добавить меня в том, что это прекрасно, я думаю. Может быть, добавить сообщение в вашем профиле, что сказать: "Я добавил вас к практике чтения Английский. Нет необходимости взаимностью". ["I friended you to practice reading English. No need to reciprocate."]


- - -

To 95% of my dear Russian LiveJournal friends:

Why do you add me as a friend? More seriously, why do you add my other friends? They might think it's creepy. I mean, if you want to add me that is fine, I guess. Maybe add a message to your profiles that say, "I friended you to practice reading English. No need to reciprocate."