February 14th, 2009


Facebook Valentine's €x¢€$$€$

100 gift credits cost $1, so that multi-coloured rose is worth $500 (CDN$628). You could get your sweetheart a pendant or a pair of earrings for that kind of money. You could even make a down payment on an engagement ring. Just sayin'. Those who have $500 to blow on a Facebook e-gift might want to shop around and see if there's something real and physical that suits their purposes. Why spend $500 on a glorified wall posting that'll be buried and forgotten (well, except for the phrase "poor sucker" - that will probably endure).

It's also disturbing how arbitrary the pricing and quantities are. It costs virtually nothing to create and distribute these e-gifts, and yet they are sold in artificially limited quantities at wholly fabricated prices. I guess it's the same old story - everybody's trying to get at your dollars.