October 30th, 2008


Obama, Zima, Peanuts

I heard Zima was being yanked, so I bought some tonight. I hadn't tried it before. It's OK. It's got a cool name and was a part of popular culture for a while (the item on this list that gets my attention was its mention on Babylon 5). [The problem with Babylon 5 is that it's so good that it spoiled my appetite for just about anything else on TV. These days I only bother to watch sports and news, which are the only things that need to be watched live.]

Now I'm trying a Smirnoff Ice, which is quite different here (and in the US) - it's a malt beverage (like Zima), not a vodka mix. It's got a "thicker" taste, and it's kind of like a weak chu-hi.

I was eating some peanuts today, and I was eating them in their shells. Unfortunately, the last one I popped in my mouth was kind of dirty, and it kind of left a filthy taste. Anyway, the shells are a good source of salt and fiber I suppose. =)

Finally, Obama aired his 27-minute ad this morning on three of the four major broadcast networks. It's uplifting and inspiring, if melodramatic. I almost would have preferred a straight-up 30-minute speech, and that was what I was kind of expecting - something like a Presidential address. (They did cut the closing of a rally in Florida [play the second video on that page] at the end of it, though.) In other news, the Phillies won the World Series. That's too bad, because I was hoping for weekend morning baseball, but it actually is OK because I may be going camping with the gang instead. No writing for me I guess!


1. In The Know: Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized? (The Onion - Video)

2. McCain Pollster: "Too Close to Call" (CQ Politics) - Putting the poll numbers aside, it's amazing how much McCain's crew hold their own supporters in contempt:

The race has moved significantly over the past week, closing to essentially tied on the last two-day roll. These gains are coming from sub-groups it should be possible to sustain over the next week, including:

- Non-college men;

- Rural voters, both men and women;

- Right-to-life voters; and most encouragingly;

- We are beginning to once again get over a 20% chunk of the vote among soft Democrats.

Importantly as well, our long identified target of "Walmart women" - those women without a college degree in households under $60,000 a year in income are also swinging back solidly in our direction.

Wow, the poor and un/under-educated are turning out in record numbers for you. (Subtext: because they're not yet equipped with the intellectual resources to know that you're lying to them.) Way to go, McCain!

I expected better.

Social Studies Activity: Canadian Maritime Provinces

I found this Word document left open by a coworker and decided, in a fit of inspiration, to fill it out myself and save the copy in a new file.


1) What is the capital of Nova Scotia?

2) What is the capital of New Brunswick?
Something about Fred and Eric being big fat tubs of lard

3) What is the capital of Prince Edward Island?
Tater Town

4) Which province has the Worlds Longest Covered Bridge?
New Brunswick, but you can’t drive on it anymore

5) List 2 towns in

A) Nova Scotia
Sid’s Knee

B) Prince Edward Island
Tater Town
[end of list]

C) New Brunswick
Street John’s
Moncton, but it’s only a shopping mall

6) Which town has a big Town Clock?
Halifog has one but tourists still ask what time the noon gun goes off

7) What is the name of the big sailing ship?
Bluenose, named after the ship that’s on the dime

8) What Bay is between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick?
The Bay of Federal Funding

9) Which province is an island?
Cape Breton

10) What instrument is the man next to the apple tree playing?

11) Where is the house of Anne of Green Gables?
At the tourist information center in Tokyo

12) How far away is L.A.?
Too far to hitchhike

13) What is the big animal at the top of New Brunswick?
An angry Quebecer

Election-related Links and Stuff

Obama Is Dominating in the Polls, but Four Things Keep Me Awake at Night (Mitchell Bard, Huffington Post) - A lifelong Democrat can't bring himself to believe that Obama will win on Tuesday. (Not that anyone should - as McCain said (and I've lost that video link), it's best to wait until the voters have had their say. =) But it's an open question whether all voters can have their say, what with despicable shysters in Virginia circulating an official-looking flyer telling Democrats to vote on November 5th, not to mention that a

Confusing North Carolina Ballot Leaves off Votes for President (Diane Tucker, Huffington Post)- In North Carolina in 2004, more than 90,000 did not cast a vote for president. North Carolina is one of those funny states where a straight-ticket party vote does not include the presidency. Make no mistake, this year's election could still be a mess.

McCain's (Long) Road to Electoral Win (Nate Silver, New York Post) - This is a smart strategy for McCain that doesn't include his fantasy of winning Pennsylvania. Of course, he's now robocalling in his home state, so maybe all this is a moot point.

Obama Addresses Crowd in Downpour; McCain Cancels (Marlene H. Phillips, Huffington Post) - This is great just for this quote, referring to VP candidate Sarah Palin: "$150,000 for clothes and they apparently didn't buy her a raincoat."