October 5th, 2008


TeleTech: Bye-bye

I was perusing Google Maps satellite images of Bayers Lake because of something Mayoral candidate David Boyd was asked about the proposed Plazacorp development there.

I noticed that the parking lot at TeleTech looked rather empty... Although, looking around the business park, you can see that a lot of lots are empty - perhaps this image was taken early on a Sunday morning or something.

And, sure enough...

It closed in April. I can't believe it. Well, actually, I can. When I read that Sprint was putting former Nextel technologies into Sprint handsets and even selling dual-network handsets, the writing looked to be on the wall. There'd be no sense in maintaining a separate support system for Nextel customers anymore. And it looks as though that's exactly what happened.

ROFL that Ms. Higgins wouldn't identify the "client." I'll save her the trouble: IT WAS SPRINT! SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT SPRINT!


Thank you. As if the big yellow posters all over the place in there didn't give any clues; you didn't even have to go inside the secured area to see them.

Anyway, I guess it's nice to know that I don't have the option of going back there and will have to find something better. =)
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HRM e-vote

I just e-voted in the HRM election. Boy, was it easy. Your PIN is in the mailing you get if you're on the voters list. (Of course, I had to get my mother to read me mine over the phone.)

And F. put my federal election ballot in the mail for me yesterday morning - she was going into the city anyway, and the main city post office is the only one open on weekends. Thanks, F.!

OK, democratic obligations taken care of!

10/6: "HRM e-votes cast from around globe" (Thanks to Paul in NS.)
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Quelque trains pour vous

Isn't this a great bunch of Russian and ex-Soviet train photos? I mean, really. I wish there were captions and dates, but they're great just to look at.

Oh, I just watched The Living Daylights. Every time I watch a Bond film, I always feel a little cagey-b. HAHAHA GET IT? No, but seriously - one night I went to the vending machines with my colleagues and this white van pulled into the parking lot and I got into fight-or-flight mode. I feel really odd and shifty after watching them. Anyway, this was a terrific Bond outing, and it makes me wonder why they only did two movies with Dalton. I guess I'll find out when I watch Licence to Kill.