October 30th, 2007


Photo Series #18: 2004 in Halifax

As you may know, I'm trying to get all my put-off projects finished before I go to Japan. Photos have made up the bulk of the work so far, but I think I'm reaching a turning point.

As of right now, I have everything - and I do mean everything - of note uploaded from the nascent days of willmatheson.com until 2006. All that remains are a few hundred photos from '06 and '07 that got left out (they'll end up in a new, very small collection) and this past summer from PEI (they'll go in a new collection, too). Sainte-Anne aside, I didn't take a lot of photos this year, so I don't expect this to take very long.

Something that did take quite a while: finishing "2004 in Halifax." You might remember I had a stub of 7 photo sets on there for a while - just copies of a few journal entries with photos hosted from my website. Now there is a full 22 set collection, 13 of which are on Flickr (which is a great service; unfortunately, taking advantage of all its features requires a lot of extra work!), 2 on Facebook (which is great for albums of parties and such that don't really have a place on Flickr), and there is still the original set of 7, now mixed into chronological order along with the rest.

A few of the sets that went to Flickr may also end up on Facebook, because a lot more people tend to see them there. We'll see. If there's any that you really think need to go on Facebook, let me know, and I'll expedite things. But for now, my focus will shift to the '06 and '07 photos. Just think... by the end of this week, I could be caught up, for the first time since December 2003! It'd be a huge relief. Well, I can't stop now!

Photo Series #18: 2004 in Halifax (now complete!)