July 13th, 2007


Miscellaneous Update #269,342

One thing that's not so funny about getting my parchment is that now that we think of it, we can't find the other one, for my B.A. from 2004. It must be around here somewhere. It should have been where it always was, in a cardboard cylinder on top of the organ, but I had to photocopy it in order to "prove my highest level of education" to TeleTech. Gah. I knew they were the root of all evil.

Things found on t3h 1nt3rn3t5:

Ladder Theory - This is one of those interesting models that resonates with you long after you've finished reading about it. I'm sure I'm not the only one I know who has taken a few too many leaps into the abyss when aiming for the other ladder. I like how that even if you start high, you will land low on the other ladder (if you reach it at all), just because of their spacing. That's the kind of physical-social convergence that this model offers.

X-Entertainment: The 1st Issue of Nintendo Power Magazine! - Ah, remember Nintendo Power? Those were indeed the good old days. Well, except for the divorce, zits, bringing a Garfield lunchbox to school my first day of Grade VII, zits, chubby cheeks, girls, bullies, people playing "keep-away" in the halls with my things... uh, where was I? Oh, right, Nintendo Power. I got into it about four years after it began, picking it up when they were getting into the really enjoyable Star Fox comics. Oh, and here's some advice to anyone who wants to enter junior high in 1993: don't admit to watching Thunderbirds or Blossom, and your life will be a lot easier.

YouTube - Holy Grail: Coconuts - Back in Church Point at (or rather, after) the L.S. party, we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was my first time watching it, and I don't remember / slept through major chunks of it, but this early sketch - wow! I was in stitches. I was quite dekab, so that probably added to the perceived hilarity. Nevertheless, it is still a very funny sketch, even in a tiny YouTube window, although it's sad that I have no way to transmit to you how funny it was that Saturday night in Church Point. (See also: version with Portuguese subtitles, version using RuneScape avatars)