March 28th, 2007


notes from night #4

Frickin' A.

Oh yeah, I give tonight's show a full A. We killed.

I had a minor mess-up in Act 4 with the Festes, but no one could have noticed; I gave Kurts the end of a later line and they just kept it going right through. I'm going to pay special attention to that scene - it's my least favourite, and even though I'm seated for the entire scene I find it physically the most challenging. I have to channel more information into a narrower range of expression, and it can be frustrating at times.

A bunch of people came to see this show, including some of my friends, classmates, and of course my mother and stepfather. Heck, even the University President (Dr. Dodds) was around for the first two acts, and then it got so bad he walked out he was probably very busy tonight.

Anyway, this is the first show that I'm pleased with without qualification. No "yeah, but"s tonight! And I did it all without my back-pocket cue sheet. About time I left that at home, really.

Also, memo to everyone: Please do not disturb our costume manager when she's trying to study. She bites. =)