March 3rd, 2007


m-m-man... <clunk>

Scene: My bed.

"Get up! We've got to go shovel!"

Ugh. I looked around, blinked, and pulled myself up. The scene outside the window looked strangely dim, as if the sun had yet to rise. Disbelieving, I glanced at the clock on my mobile phone.


"It's 6:30!" I cried.
"Yes, well, we've got to go shovel. Home care's coming in an hour, and I've got a class to teach at 9:30!"


Incredulous, frustrated, annoyed, and fuelled by adrenaline, I headed out a few minutes behind her.

Anyway, I'm glad to have done it; it was a nice morning and good exercise. But now I'd better get back to sleep. I'm too tired to do anything productive on the Lappy 486 here.