January 25th, 2007


arrival + injuries + interviews

My laptop just arrived back home; Mom signed for it. Sweet. They said they'd attempted delivery at 8:45 this morning but this was probably bull or the driver didn't feel like going up our driveway (a common occurrence). But it's there now.

It wouldn't have done me any good for it to be any earlier, given that I haven't been home since yesterday morning. Heather's dust-up forced her to return home and I spent last night helping look after her. A certain other fellow was initially very helpful, but later on kind of dropped the ball. It's also a good idea to read the directions on prescription painkillers. Just a memo to any of my friends out there in SMUDS with Slavic last names. <cough>

Heather's mom and grandmother were really nice; they even picked me up and dropped me off at the bus stop. Speaking of which, I had a dream last night that my car had been fixed. I was driving around, rocking out to They Might Be Giants and getting things done. And then I woke up to the alarm on my new phone*. It was the same tune, but it sounded differently.

Things change.

I had an in-person interview with "Z" from Camp Towanda yesterday afternoon. (This was lucky because I brought along causal clothes to change into, which came in handy this morning!) They're looking for a head video guy to coordinate their Friday Night Flix and what-not. I think I could do it; my weaknesses are my dearth of PhotoShop skills (I'm only versed in basic tasks, but I'm a quick study), and also not knowing what's cool - the genre of "camp video" requires a lot of pop-culture music-mix panache that I simply don't possess. Fortunately, I wouldn't be working on my own, and maybe the other members of the media crew could fill in on that end of the creative spectrum. I'm an editing whiz, and I can make things visually interesting, but music makes things come alive.

* - Since people have been asking =) yes, it's the same phone number: (902)-877-WILL (9455). Call away!