January 22nd, 2007


new game, new phone + a run for SMUSA?

Orrin met up with me after psychology and gave me Sarah’s copy of Spyro the Dragon. Thanks, guys! I always wanted that game, and not just me – every time my cousin Erin used to come over when she was younger, she’d want to play the demo version of Spyro I had on the disc that came with my PlayStation. So now I have the entire thing. From what I saw it was a fun, charming game, and I’ll probably play it after school lets out or my life slows down a bit further.

I’d better not dawdle too much, as I still have my Canadian English journal to type up and my Democratic Individualism reading to finish. But two things first:

1. I got a new cell phone today! It’s an LG 6190, not the latest and greatest thing, but it has a FastTap keypad (all 26 letters of the alphabet are represented by small buttons), not to mention a surprisingly good camera. It cost $150 outside of extending my contract, which I’m unwilling to do anyway. So it’s win-win. (With taxes and the $25 “repair” bill on my LG 6070, the total cost of this experience was well over $200, but let’s not dwell on that.)

2. You heard it here first, and you may well question my wisdom, but I’m seriously considering taking a run at the SMUSA executive. Probably not President, but something where I could still exercise my post-university-forged diplomatic skills – something like VP External Affairs.

Why do I want to do this?

First, I think I’d do a good job. I value communication. I know how to make people feel important. I’m comfortably articulate. I remember names (but there’s certainly room for improvement there, and that will be one of my personal whipping-posts for this as-yet-hypothetical campaign). I believe in this school and would relish the opportunity to go to bat promoting Saint Mary’s.

Secondly, I have connections and experience. Okay, many of these connections were made when I was a Frosh Rep (2000-01), and I wasn’t the greatest Frosh Rep unless you count extreme opinionation, thoughtless verbalization, and annoying hyper-correctness as good qualities (as I thankfully no longer do). More connections were made when I was a Frosh Leader, and I was initially a terrible Frosh Leader, but through my three years of Frosh Leading I got better at that, too.

(So you get someone who’s on a first-name basis with most of his predecessors, yet someone who still possesses the conceit that he is somehow unique from them – as much, of course, as they are from each other. =)

Thirdly, the biggest difference with me now is that I demand of myself that I be a positive contributor, the glue holding the ship together, and that I be the go-to-guy right out of the gate. I’m well aware of my strengths and weaknesses now, and I can even turn my weaknesses into unexpected strengths.

(In other words, if you want someone who’ll be 100% dedicated, consider me. Our school’s motto is “What you do, do well.” I will do whatever has to be done to promote and enhance the student experience at Saint Mary’s. No compromises. Naturally, I will also live on campus so as to be much better able to serve.)

Thirdly, I don’t owe anybody anything. I’m not trying to pay off a student loan, and my primary purpose is not to make business connections, because I’m not even a business student. Of course we rely heavily on the support of the corporate community, but there’s more to SMUSA’s role in improving student life than deciding whether to contract to Pepsi or Coca-Cola. I’m fiercely independent and self-reliant (although I count the supreme blessing of having a supportive family), and I only care about making Saint Mary’s better – I’m relatively unfettered, as students go. If you want total transparency, consider me.

Lastly, the experience of running will be fun. When I think of the days when I was running for Student’s Council Vice President back at CPA, I think of the buzz it created and the reception I got when it finally came time for the speeches. Admittedly, this has absolutely nothing to do with my fitness for a serious position with SMUSA, which is roughly at the level of a formal corporation of the outside world. In fact, SMUSA is a corporation. This is the big time, guys.

Do I think I’ll win? Well, I’d be a long shot. On the plus side I’d have enough name recognition, especially among us old-timers. The problem will be how to be taken seriously among the crowd of candidates with much more commercial experience. I will also have a problem with those who perceive me, not altogether unjustifiably given my past, as a bit of a clueless scatterbrain. You may remember some of the silly posters I put up when I was running for various Student Representative Council positions, for instance. Ah, the ignorance of youth.

But I still have that “S-T-U-D-Y Hard” chant going…

Maybe I have a shot after all.

PS: Tomorrow I’ll probably wake up and think, “Geez, Will, what were you thinking, sticking your neck out like that?” In keeping with my “No self-compromises” motto, I’ll post this anyway.