September 17th, 2006


bum weekend

I guess I don’t really have that many problems when I come to think of it. I’m in a pretty good place, and the junk I’m worrying about is stuff like “M. and K. and T. are all taking six courses, and I’m only taking five; I’m so stooopid!” Never mind the fact that I only need five credits to get my Honours (so that adds up to ten courses over two semesters - that's a full load, they're overloading), but it still makes me look lazy. Worse, I’m not even working. Worse still, I don’t even want to work now. I feel like I’ve got enough on my plate. But if I’m sitting here on a Sunday morning worrying about stuff before cracking the books, maybe I don’t.

It’s been a pretty bum weekend, with both Jessica’s party and the outing with K. ending absurdly early - the former due to a prayer vigil – no, seriously – and the latter due to the reality that in order to attend a Film Festival screening you have to buy tickets in advance during normal business hours. We should have known this, but we didn’t. It’s a lesson to fire away in the memory banks, anyway.

M. did call me and suggest meeting his crew downtown, but I demurred and told him I was really tired. And I was. Not only that, I didn’t want to spend a kajillion dollars on the clubs when I’d just spent a chunk of change on dinner and gas. (Again, maybe I should get a job, eh? But I’d rather just be antisocial.)

The outing before we respectively decided to go home and study / sleep was quite nice; we drove out to Lawrencetown Beach (which certainly wasn’t as nice as any PEI beach I could name, but it has excellent surf conditions) and then we went back into the city for dinner. Route 207 after you leave the strip that is Cole Harbour is a pretty drive, and highly recommended.

Naturally K. has a boyfriend and it was wrong of me to misconstrue her Saturday availability as evidence that she was single. She’s seeing a guy in Cuba whom she met through her professor – he’s never been to Canada, but he’s in ballet, just like she is. They sound like they have a lot of fun when they have time for each other. It suits their lifestyles quite well, seemingly.

(Le point: Everyone has a boyfriend. Bah, humbug.)

Maybe I just need to come up with an all-consuming hobby or pastime. What do you think? I mean, I like writing, but you can only really do any when you’re motivated to do so. Maybe I just need an attitude transplant. Maybe this, maybe that. But this was a pretty bum weekend, and I’m actually looking forward to class tomorrow.