March 11th, 2006


things that go "click"

What a beautiful day!

Okay, there was lots of rain, but at least it was warm. The snow that fell on our driveway in the morning is long gone, so there's some reason to celebrate right there.

I got up in the morning feeling like going back to bed. Maybe I could cancel my lunch date with Jessica. Maybe I could fax my documents to the Library HR office over the internet. But as I sat down to do that, I quickly realized that I wouldn't be able to sign the document I wanted to fax. I also might have lost control of the document formatting, and it would have cost enough money that I just decided that I'd better grin and bear it and head in. I ended up being really glad that I did.

When I went up to the Administration office at Alderney Gate, they were really, really nice. They went out of their way to let me know that they appreciated, for instance, my filling out two applications for two different competitions. A simple, seemingly obvious thing, but I *was* tempted to fill out only a single application form. It's a good thing I didn't; they would have had to photocopy it. Great way to get started, that would have been! So there's a free tip for anyone who ever wants to apply for a job at the library.

I took Jessica to One World Cafe for lunch and had the best spicy-anything I've had since that Pakistani-style chicken Shan made for us in Ternopil. The chick peas and potatoes were outstanding. It was the best food I'd eaten in weeks. It wasn't really Jessica's cup of tea, but I can think of some other friends who might be more open to that particular experience in the future.

Tonight I took John down to the Dalhousie Arts Centre to see JuJu's micro play. To my surprise, James from CPA was in one of them as well. As to that particular piece, it seemed to be aimed at musical fans, and I had a hard time getting most of the jokes. Good singing, though! The other three pieces were more accessible, and often quite funny. In JuJu's piece, we learn that he is a very lousy shot. =)

I wonder if I'm growing a new front tooth. I think I spent too much time basking in the glow of Ukrainian hospitality.

In general, I feel a lot better now. I had a really good day; I got to drive around a bit, think about my future... I had time on the meters at the first two places I parked, hit a lot of green lights, discovered both of the items I was waiting for at Spring Garden Road Memorial Library were waiting for me (not only one as I had thought), T. needs to see me next week, and in general everything just clicked. I hope to have more days like this.