February 12th, 2006


Voice Post: McDonald's @ 5am: lovin' the heat, craving sleep

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“Well guys, this is boredom incarnate. I'm at the McDonald's on Spring Garden Road. It is... 5am. Only 1 hour and 55 minutes until the bus comes, and then I get to go back to Bedford. Why did I not go sooner, you ask? Well, 'cause I've got better ways to spend 30 dollars. For 30 dollars, I could buy a year's subscription to this service and provide voice- 15 voice posts a month, oh Good God.

Um, so I'm fueled on coffee right now, and... Oh yeah, but the point is, I had a good night at, uh, C-mac's- C-mac had a Valentine's Party, it was a lot of fun, went to the Lower Deck and yeah, it was pretty cool. I met a lot of people from SMU, and... took a lot of pictures, you know, same ol', same ol'. It was good times, good times.

Um... yeah, we have a new Premier, uh, soon... uh, think it's gonna be a guy from Cape Breton.

Oh, gee... well, I guess that's everything that's going on around here, uh, yeah... if you can think of anything to... entertain me, e-mail it to me because I can actually check my e-mail on my phone, I've nothing else to do. I'll go to Saint Mary's later, but I don't have a computer account there anymore. Anyway, I'ma shut up now. See ya later, bye-bye!”

Transcribed by: nova_one

Update: New Premier, Cape Breton Island, and just a note that there was a guy sleeping a few tables behind me, and they actually called the cops in to show him out. It was kind of a crazy night, but I think I succeeded at dragging out a few hot drinks over a few newspapers for three hours without coming close to being evicted myself. I guess it helps if you buy stuff, don't look dead, and don't make noise. I'm not anxious to do this again anytime soon, although it is the price one has to pay for going out (and not spending a day's wages just to get back home).