May 27th, 2005


The Life and Times of Captain Hazlewood

Hello! It's me again, the caffeine-fuelled pixie of absentmindedness. Seriously, I was bumping into everything this evening. I could list all the various "ouches" and near-misses, but that would be a waste of everyone's time. The worst one was ten minutes ago when I investigated if one of the legs of the wheelchair ramp on Paul's van was down flat and touching the pavement. I checked by stepping hard onto the ramp with my left foot. Unfortunately, my right shoe was under the other leg at the time.

Good news: I'm done my video! Possibly at the expense of my sanity (and certainly sleep - I only slept for five hours last night and had vivid dreams practically all the while, which means I got less brain rest), but it's done. Sitting in a windowless room twelve hours a day for four days straight whilst staring at a computer screen can be hazardous to your health.

I'd put it on the web (it's six minutes long and 32 megs - well, as opposed to the DV stream version which is about 1.6 gigs, but the 32 meg version looks pretty damn good), but I only burned onto DVD-R, and of course there are no DVD-ROMS here, and the internet-reaching computers at NSCAD don't seem to have DVD-ROMS, or I didn't have time. Hmm. Maybe I'll upload it at the B's. I'm working on their website anyway, so permission shouldn't be a problem.

"Boredom" by William Matheson and You-Na Lee. Look for it on a computer near you soon. I'll be delivering a DVD video copy to CPA sometime this coming week.

Star Wars. Star Wars. Star Wars. To see it again, I would like. Embarassing, not as much, to be a Star Wars fan now. I should try and look more closely for the George Lucas cameo. I actually missed it when I went with the Foxes. (Point of grammar: I know many people named Fox, and also a Foxe. If I say I'm going to the Foxes, then going to the Foxes... ah! Foxes for Mike and Paul, Foxes' for ... no, that doesn't make any sense either. I'm sure they'd be willing to solve the problem for me.)

Tomorrow I'll work on my radio script and figure out what I'm going to do about the costume requirement for Foxe's upcoming party before I go to Fox's party. SEE MY PROBLEM?!?! =)
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