May 22nd, 2005


wet wet night

Wow. What a wet night. I'm sure I was quite a sight walking up the Hammonds Plains Road - I had my backpack on underneath my coat so it wouldn't get wet, and so I looked like I tall hunchback with an umbrella.

Things at the B's were great tonight. I also got my fondest wish bus-wise (someone I know who's willing to chat) - on both trips! Sarah (betelgeuse5) on the way in, and a guy from creative writing at SMU on the way back.

We watched Alfie and got all kinds of socializing done... I missed a party with Mike because I had to come back to Bedford to put Paul to bed (and I missed a SMU event last night because we were out getting groceries), but I'm still really happy with my weekend so far. And that's all that really matters to me.
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Wow. Today has been dreadfully dull so far. I got a fundraising letter written, but that's about it. However...

Mike's coming to get me, Paul's driving, and we'll pick up Joey, and we're going to see Star Wars III! Kickin'!

(There's probably nothing in the Canada World Youth "Guide One" that mentions the importance of seeing Star Wars while you're preparing for an exchange. However, I don't give One-
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