May 19th, 2005


lolz in the news

It's been quite a day today...

- Got a lot of shooting done at CPA today. Teachers are as friendly and helpful as ever. Borrowed an extension cord from Ms. MacKinnon, broke two pieces of chalk, and taped a gym full of kids playing dodgeball. It was a successful day. You-Na was a real trooper. At one point we even went back to NSCAD to get a camera battery (which was forgotten by an apologetic multimedia department). But we had a really great time no matter what was happening. She's one of the best people I've ever worked with... besides my CWY friends, of course! =) I also talked extensively with Ms. Campbell, Mr. Burke, and others. But there really aren't that many of my teachers around anymore.

- Government survives, 153-152. (Too bad, in a way, because the Queen herself could dissolve Parliament since Her Majesty is here this week!) There was a Conservative MP who couldn't make it to the vote due to cancer surgery, so the Liberals took away one of their members. Imagine the kerfuffle if they hadn't... Anyway, this link explains all the ins and outs, but I guess those of my readers who live in Republics might be mystified by our lack of fixed election dates, among other things.

- A man from New Brunswick successfully fights off a speeding ticket issued by a Prince Edward Island RCMP detachment because he was on the New Brunswick side of the Confederation Bridge when he was pulled over... two years ago. I laughed so hard when I saw this on The National. Now they'll need to find the forms to issue federal speeding tickets. Oooh!

- Nova Scotia to ban indoor public smoking by December 2006. I love living in a province with a well-spoken, intelligent and congenial family doctor as the premier. There's even a cabinet position dedicated to Health Promotion, which is remarkable considering we have a minority government and not a lot of bodies to fill cabinet seats (some of the ministers have multiple portfolios as it is). Every province should have a department of Health Promotion. Now my coat won't smell like cigarette smoke after every night out. Still, I feel bad for the smokers. It's getting so that you can hardly light up anywhere these days.

Oh yeah, we're also getting regulated gas prices back again. Don't expect to see immediate change, but maybe we'll have prices more like Prince Edward Island's, where they never lost regulation to begin with. Oddly enough, the prices at the pumps vary more there than they ever have here in the last ten years.

And Star Wars III is hitting the theatres! (Link? And risk a spoiler?!) Sweeet. I hope opera_angel and others enjoyed seeing it tonight. I also hope they don't tell me anything about what happened or what they thought of it until after the weekend. =)
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