May 7th, 2005


lol x1000

Aunt Shirley, Uncle Shane and I just got home from Albion Cross. I said goodbye to Ila and read her a bedtime story. Rae was asleep the whole time. I think we're related.

We walked into the house out of the rain, and I walked over to the television to get the golf scores. Aunt Shirley had the answering machine going. There was a really faint voice, obscured by static.

"Is it Shiela?" Shirley asked.
"Is it Cindy?" Shane asked.
"Is it for you?" Shane asked Shirley.
"Is it a crank call?"
"Is it a fax machine or a computer?"

"William, is this for you?"
"Umm... maybe." (Hey! Maybe it was Crosswinds, finally! Wow! So great of them to call on a Saturday!)

So I walked up and played the message again.

"... returning your call. I'll call again later today..."

I jumped two feet in the air and ran about the living room laughing with joy. "It was Michelle! From the exchange!"

"Boy, she must be calling from a weird phone..."
"No, that's her, that's the way she talks!"
"She talks with all that static in her throat?"
"No, no... it's her... see she talks so quietly that the answering machine automatically adjusted the gain up to its highest sensitivity. And that's also why if she said, 'Hi, it's Michelle,' it wasn't detectable because the machine began recording at the default setting!"

So yeah, I laughed my way to the computer before I even tried to phone her back. I love ya Michelle. You made my day.
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