March 23rd, 2005

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So here I am with my mother at the eye doctor's office. A sign says that I shouldn't use my cell phone. I should probably ask, but these WAP posts make no sound, so I'll just soldier on anyway.

I have a lot of responsibilities these days and Prince Edward Island seems further away than ever. I have precious little free time (which I sometimes waste) and money (which I stress about a lot... C'mon, resettlement allowance!) I'm not complaining, except to note that my life is a void. I'm only really happy when I'm hanging out with my old friends.

I got the chance to talk with Jon at the Killam Library on Monday afternoon. Oh, sure, I've seen him a million times in the past months, but I hadn't had any real, lengthy conversations with him. When Tanya's around, the two of us monopolize each other's attention, and I'm afraid that he gets left out. I should be a much better friend to him than that.

It's no burden either, I really enjoy the chance to talk about things that the rest of the world considers too...

home again

... mundane for general conversation. If you can believe it, we actually talk about things like weather, roads, high schools, old friends, etc.. I think sometimes we drift into areas that aren't mutually interesting, which is a huge problem when I talk to John on the phone, but not a problem in real life, because he's better at reading body language and tone (in person) than I give him credit for.

My mood selection refers to my no longer being hungry. It's suprising, considering that I only had one piece of pizza. But when you add in the dozen grapes and the two hot-cross buns, plus a really really thin slice of the Spicy Chicken pizza I just heated for Mom and Paul... well, it's not so suprising anymore. Hmm. Time to read a book and then work on my secret plan, methinks.
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