March 9th, 2005

long beard


... here we are in Edmonton. Six of us. Yep, we're a shrinking group.

The travel here was without incident. Miranda met some people in the airport in Warsaw who were recruiting for people to work at American summer camps. One ran a camp for special-needs children, which is her area of expertise. How about that, eh?

To combat jet lag, I stayed awake for the entire journey. I woke up at 5am Central Europe Time (9pm Mountain) in Warsaw, and went to bed in the hotel in Edmonton at 11pm Mountain. So that was basically a day plus two hours of being awake, and about a day of straight travelling.

Luftansa is an airline that likes to provide the complete transportation experience. In Frankfurt, you will not only experience air travel, but also travel by bus and sky train. Frankfurt is the busiest airport in Europe, but it's actually smaller than Pearson in size. Many flights load and unload off the tarmac, hence the busses.

It's a beautiful, beautiful day in Edmonton today. It's almost 10°C here! I love the sunshine and the streets, and the really pleasant lady at the Royal Bank who served me as soon as I walked in and said how nice Nova Scotia must be when she read my driver's liscence for currency-exchanging purposes.

Now we're all going to walk to the Save on Foods to buy some groceries.

It hasn't sunk in yet that I'm back in Canada. I had mixed emotions about coming back. Truth be told, I'm not really coming back to anything. Miranda wants to go to law school, Ashley has her fiancé, Cedrick has a job in Grande Prairie, Sophie wants to take Journalism, and Michelle... I actually don't know what Michelle wants to do. She's the type that will only talk if you ask her a direct question. As a result, I don't know Michelle as well as I should like. But she's pretty cool.

I'll miss the people in Płużnica a lot... I must write them soon.

I also want to write a short book about this exchange. I'm afraid that my blog doesn't even begin to cover the scope of what our infamous little group has been through. So I think that'll be my summer project. I also want to find a job to cover my cell phone bills during said summer. Speaking of, it's up and running again, should anyone wish to call me. While I'm in Edmonton, dial (780)-446-7626 first, then my number, as this will save me from incoming long-distance charges. =) So, basically, nobody will call me, and I'm quite okay with that!

It's all I can do to keep myself from going to Tim Horton's and ordering a sandwhich, peppermint tea, and whatever doughnut suits my fancy. Cedrick didn't even get his bags in Edmonton before ordering an Ice Cap.

I think this is the most melancholy happiness I've ever had.
long beard

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I am so tired now that I'm nodding off at every opportunity... There's always... Well, I just fell asleep again and forgot what I was going to say. I think it could have been about jet lag.