December 28th, 2004


brrr snow

Paul's cousin Dave just came by with the backhoe, which required me to run out into the snow in my sleep shorts to move Paul's portable wheelchair ramps which had fallen into the driveway due to the wind yesterday. Brrr! felt I as the deep snow fell around my bare legs into my boots. At the same time, my mother phoned Dave's cell phone to tell him that he could do the whole driveway (In lesser snowfalls, we do most of the lower loop and the steeper hill manually. White Juan I we did manually, but only because of hubris. After about three days we gave up and called Dave in to do it.).

Well, good. There's still lots of shovelling to do, but now we have hope that we can clear the way for vehicular commerce by mid-afternoon. I'd better hurry up and make that call I was going to make...
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