October 21st, 2004

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I just got my Flu shot a few minutes ago - for free, which makes me happy. Simply living with my MS-afflicted stepfather is enough reason for Peace Country Health, but maybe not enough for Capital Health, where I had to pay last year.

Miranda says that getting the shot is a bad idea. She's against immunization in general, because she says it weakens our natural immunity. She also says that the measles vaccine is a documented cause of autism, something I thought was an urban legend. I must look into this when I get home.

It's rather cold up here. There is still lots of snow left over from the weekend and the walking is treacherous. This is not a pedestrian's town, and the sidewalks are generally dirty and broken, except where they are covered by a layer of ice. Also, jaywalking here is much more hazardous than in Halifax. In Halifax, the cars slow down for you. Here you are target practice.