October 6th, 2004

long beard

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And so the Sun sets on another fun-filled day at Mid-Project Camp. I got fifteen postcards written during today's spare moments. Tomorrow will be another day devoted to writing. I think I'm at my most productive when I'm supposed to be doing other things. If I want to become an author, I should start auditing university lectures. In high school, I wrote much of my infamous novella (the handwritten one that was stolen and held for ransom - it's infamous for the "Did you find your blue duo-tang yet?" taunts, not its content; although, it is so bad that it would easily become the worst item on my website, and I have a lot of crap on there!) during classes.

Wow, it's super late. Am I really saying anything important? What would War and Peace be like if it was written on a cell phone? Shorter.